The venue for the Winter Swimming World Championships 2023 is at the Olympic Rowing Center Bled. The center already hosted Winter Swimming World Cup 2019 and Winter Swimming World Championships 2020. 
It was completly renoveted in 2010 for the 2011 World Rowing Championships.
It offers excellent conditions for big sports events.

Olympic Rowing Center is a walking distance (15 min) from the city center. Shuttle will be available during the World Championships.

Permanent facilities:

  • Changing rooms for women and men
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Gym and warm up area
  • Storage area/drop off area
  • Parking
  • Medical room
  • Catering area
  • Information Office

The Organizer reserves the right to change the venue map. 

Rowing Club Bled
Župančičeva cesta 9
4260 Bled

In January the average air temperature is 1 degree Celsius and the average water temperature is 3 degree Celsius

WATER QUALITY of Lake Bled is regularly monitored by Slovenian Environment Agency 

According to the Environment Protection Act (2), the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia is responsible for the water quality monitoring and evaluation of water quality status in Slovenia. Monitoring programmes (3) are drawn up in accordance with regulations that summarise the provisions of European directives, and in accordance with the status assessment and pressure analysis of each individual water body. They include quality monitoring of rivers, lakes, sea, groundwater, and water in protected areas.

With Slovenia’s association with the European Union, the Water Framework Directive (1) has become the binding and key document in the field of water management and has also influenced changes in the monitoring of lake quality.

Results of ecological monitoring of Slovenian lakes in 2019

Results of ecological monitoring of Slovenian lakes in 2020

Bled has not only excellent conditions for various sports and events, but also the natural environment is stunning.

Take a look at the video and some photos from the venue.

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